March 6, 2021

Retirees may go on vacation with the Imserso in October

After months of delay, Iberia, Viajes Halcón and Barceló have returned to take the trips of the Imserso. The Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, under the Ministry of Health, today announced the result of the assessment of the three offers submitted. The peninsular coast has been awarded to the consortium led by Iberia, of which Alsa and IAG7 are part, while the Balearic and Canary Islands and the Interior Tourism lot, which this year increases its number of places by 7%, are for the group led by Halcón Viajes and Barceló. In this way, Logitravel, who was bidding for the Interior Tourism lot did not achieve its goal. In the last tender of 2015 the two winning consortiums exchanged the disputed lots.

The estimated value of the contract exceeds 1,142 million euros, a figure that includes both the contribution of Imserso (20.39%) and that of the beneficiaries (79.61%) during the two seasons, as well as a possible extension for another two (September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2023).

The program will offer 900,000 places grouped in three lots from which almost one million pensioners will benefit: insular coast, that is the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands (valued at 39.6 million euros); tourism in peninsular coast areas (52.9 million euros) and inland tourism and European origin (17.5 million euros).

The hotel employer recently said that it would wait for the result of the valuation of the contest to decide whether to resort to judicial proceedings because it continues to consider that the current specifications force a key sector for its development to “work in losses”.

They will start in the first half of October

Sources of the Imserso have indicated to Europa Press that in this way the administrative procedure related to the award and start of the program, in accordance with the established schedule, which “will allow the start of the 2019/2020 season with“ total normality in the first October fortnight. ”

Trips are scheduled to begin in the first half of October and end in June 2020. More than 300 hotels from all over Spain will participate.

The price of the packages varies depending on the destination and the duration of the stay. There are packages of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 15 days. The cost varies depending on the destinations included in each lot and ranges from a minimum of 23 euros per stay, which implies a rise of 9.5%, and a maximum of 42 euros.

Hoteliers claim that to avoid losses, the price per person and day should be around 25 euros (currently between 22.10 and 22.50 euros) taking into account all services.

The Imserso ensures that 65% of the pensioners participating in the Imserso travel program have a pension of less than 1,050 euros / month.

Therefore, this year, as a novelty, there is also a reserve of 1% of subsidized places at 50% for people who have economic resources equal to or less than non-contributory retirement or disability pensions of the Social Security system.

This award ends the concern shown in recent months by the sector, which assured that 10,000 jobs could be lost if the award of this program was delayed, which 900,000 people enjoy each year, according to figures from the ministry.

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