Retirees demonstrate in Buenos Aires to request increases in pensions

Retirees demonstrate in Buenos Aires to request increases in pensions

Thousands of retirees gathered today in front of the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires to demand an improvement in their pensions, in a day marked by the resolution of the high court on the applicable index for the update of pensions.

The change in the index resolved by the magistrates, which favors the pensioners -false that was known while the demonstration was held- had been the main demand for a day in which the assistants also asked for an increase in the subsidies they receive, compared to the rate of inflation and access to housing for vulnerable older adults.

The decision of the Supreme Court supposed "justice" for the deputy secretary of the union of truck drivers, Pablo Moyano, who attended the event to show his support for the pensioners and criticize the work of the Government of Mauricio Macri.

"With a retirement of 8,000 pesos average (209 dollars) you realize that it does not take care of the retirees' claims, I have said it several times, this Government despises the workers but justice has been done", he said in statements to the press .

In Argentina, there are hundreds of lawsuits filed in the last decade by retirees who demand a readjustment of their benefits according to the cost of living.

The Supreme Court decided on Tuesday that, for the retroactive collection of retirement benefits, a calculation index should be applied that gives pensioners higher increases than those provided by the National Social Security Administration (Anses) in 2016, when Congress approved a Government Act known as the National Historical Repair Program for Retirees and Pensioners.

Thus, with its resolution, the Supreme Court establishes a criterion that should be applied to pending legal cases and that is contrary to the provisions of the Anses.

The leader of the Piquetero Party, Juan Marino, also participated in the act of protest, who defined the Court's decision as "a conquest of the retired movement" before a government that "intended to steal a part of their pensions."

"Thanks to the enormous struggle that this people has been giving in defense of retired people, today we conquer in the Supreme Court that is subject to the law, that the rights of retired people are respected and that they do not yield to the pressure of the Executive Power", he said. to Efe.

Under slogans such as "with pensioners no," thousands of retirees staged a day "to remember it intimately," said the representative of the Coordinating Board of Retirees and Pensioners, Juan Pedro Murga.


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