Retirees claim to calculate the caps depending on the increase in prices

Retirees have claimed central government a calculation of the rise in pensions based on the consumer price index (CPI) in a concentration held in A Coruña in which they have denounced the claims of some sectors in favor of the privatization of that system .

"We want pensions to rise linked to the real CPI," the retirees chanted during the rally and displayed banners that included one with the mention "govern who governs the pensions are defended" and another asking for the vote for "who defends your pension" .

The demonstration was convened by the Modepen association, whose spokesman, Manuel Gundín, explained that this is a replica of other concentrations held in other 280 locations in the State to claim pensions more adjusted to the increase in the standard of living.

About half a hundred protesters called for "the continuation of the public pension system in the medium and long term," said one of the members of Modepen, Luz Marcos, and fear that the so-called pact of Toledo is left in "booze" if the European Union agrees to favor privatization.

The authorities "will tell us that it was Brussels who approved it," said Marcos, who agreed with Gundin that the decision on the model to follow and their demands "goes for long."

At the concentration in the area of ​​the Obelisk of A Coruña attended representatives of the City Council, as well as regional deputies and the Congress of Deputies of the En Marea training.

The candidate of En Marea to the next general election, Ana Seijas, has indicated that his party defends "retirement at age 65 and the public pension system against commercialization" because "if private capital interests them pensions is because they are profitable, "he said.

"We are not going to allow our pensions to go into private hands," said Seijas, adding that his training aims to defend a minimum inter-professional salary of one thousand euros before the Congress of Deputies.


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