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This is probably the strangest summer of our lives. For festival goers, too. With most events canceled, postponed or cycled, the music industry is taking the biggest hit in its history. After years of absolute growth, this 2020 the bubble of festivals has become a real piñata. Uncertainty has been his worst enemy, but also the only motivation to reinvent himself. This is the case of the Resurrection Fest in Viveiro (Lugo), one of the great European music festivals, which this weekend celebrates a historic and free online edition.

A solidarity initiative that arises to raise funds for those affected by the coronavirus crisis. In total there will be 12 hours of programming that are spread over two days: Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August. A poster that stands out Resurrection Fest. The history, a documentary that reviews the history of the Galician festival since its creation in 2006, or the different performances of great artists who have passed through its stages such as lSlipknot, Kiss or Scorpions. The public will also be able to enjoy numerous interviews and exclusive concerts recorded from different recording studios.

Resurrection Fest Online schedule and times.enlarge photo
Resurrection Fest Online schedule and times.

Esteban Girón is part of the event’s communication team and is one of the names that has made this idea possible, which arose, like many things in these times, “days after the confinement was decreed.” The organization was clear about it: they wanted to build an ambitious project from scratch: “making a carefully crafted and cared online version of the festival is something we wanted to do, hundreds of thousands of people support us every year and we had the responsibility not to turn off the lights of the Resurrection for 2 years, “explains Girón.

But there is much more behind this ‘Resu’ -that is how its faithful call it-: “we felt the need to take action and contribute something to the coronavirus crisis,” says Girón. And it is that this time The benefits generated will go to the Red Cross and the Food Bank FESBAL, some aid that will reach those affected by covid-19. Of course, he assures that none of this would have been possible without the support of institutions such as the Xunta de Galicia and the Xacobeo: “everyone got to work, even though at the beginning it was something very abstract, but the way has faced defines a lot the greatness of this festival “, affirms Girón.

From the festival they have one goal: to move forward. The spirits have fallen on numerous occasions and they know that the circumstances are not the best, but the fact of being able to help the people who are having the worst things motivates them: “for more than ten years, the people of A Mariña, of the province Lugo and all of Galicia has given us a lot, now is the time to give it back “.

They hope that donations will increase during the broadcast of the festival and that the public will respond: “They are expectant, and the reception has been overwhelming. We have one of the YouTube channels most popular in the festival industry and that gives us the potential to reach millions of people, but it is better not to venture “, says Girón. In addition, he insists that this online edition will also serve to thank his followers:” we will never know how to give back the love and support we have received in this difficult year, especially when we had to postpone the festival to 2021 “.

The truth is that the future of many festivals remains uncertain, and although they admit that the situation is exceptional and they should be cautious, they are already working for the next Resurrection: “as long as the public, the authorities and the institutions want, we will continue to be there “. And although there is plenty of desire to live the online experience, and the public is the real headliner, Girón admits that he will miss not going to the venue: “although these are days when you sleep little and work a lot, it is worth seeing people”.

Of course, for this strange edition of Resurrection Fest to be celebrated, the artists have had to put a lot of their part into participating selflessly: “We cannot be more grateful. We have felt very loved by the artists, the management offices, stamps and authorities. In times of crisis, culture is the first sector that society stops counting on and that is catastrophic for those of us who dedicate ourselves to it and for the future of all, “adds Girón bluntly.

During this special edition, Girón has been in charge of directing the documentary that will be broadcast about the festival, a review of the Resurrection Fest in which the adversity that characterizes this event stands out: “the first edition was organized by 18-year-old boys to see and support his favorite band -Sick Of It All- in his town and it was suspended due to health problems of its members. From this point to end up being a festival that this year was going to host more than 120,000 people for four days in A coastal town of 16,000 inhabitants has spent a lifetime. It is an example of improvement and success with many difficult moments such as those experienced in 2020. “


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