Results and classification after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

The war between the seven-time champion of the world and the Dutch lived this Sunday one of his hottest chapters in Jeddah, where overtaking and touches were exchanged in a high-tension environment on the track and garages, where Red Bull and the FIA ​​came to surprisingly negotiate a penalty to Verstappen.

The questionable attitude of ‘Mad Max’, first stopping before the Englishman when he tried to overcome him and then when letting him pass – forced by the FIA ​​- in a way in which he has once again overtaken him when braking, It made you fear the worst on the Saudi track.

Finally, Hamilton took the lead with six laps to go to clinch their eighth victory of the season, which leaves a surprising outlook for the final round of the championship next week in Abu Dhabi: the two title contenders will come tied at 369.5 points.

Saudi Arabian GP race result

  1. Lewis hamilton

  2. Max verstappen

  3. Valttery Bottas

  4. Esteban Ocon

  5. Daniel Ricciardo

  6. Pierre Gasly

  7. Charles Leclerc

  8. Carlos Sainz

  9. Antonio Giovinazzi

  10. Lando norris

  1. Max Verstappen – 369.5 points

  2. Lewis Hamilton – 369.5 p.

  3. Valttery Bottas – 218

  4. Sergio Pérez – 190 p.

  5. Charles Leclerc – 158 p.

  6. Lando Norris – 154 p.

  7. Carlos Sainz – 149.5 p.

  8. Daniel Ricciardo – 115 p.

  9. Pierre Gasly – 100 p.

  10. Fernando Alonso – 77 p.


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