Resignation in Podemos after six months without Rodríguez's seat

Resignation in Podemos after six months without Rodríguez's seat

The former deputy and secretary of the Organization of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez during his trial in the Supreme Court in September 2021. / EFE

There are already two votes less that remain for the purple party and endanger the fragile mathematics of the coalition government

Ingrid Ortiz-Viera

The calculated balance of the Congress of Deputies has been unfixed for half a year after its president last October
Meritxel Batet decided to withdraw the minutes from Alberto Rodríguez from Tenerife. The harsh measure began a judicial fight and the blocking of that vacancy by Podemos as a symbolic protest.

The vote that remains for the purples endangers the fragile mathematics of the coalition government, as was already revealed in the 'in extremis' approval of the labor reform.

Now the debate is revived with
the threat of CKD to "knock down" all laws and decrees that the central Executive promotes as a measure of pressure for the case of espionage against independentistas. This same Thursday, its thirteen deputies could prevent the approval of the anti-crisis measures that the Executive takes to the plenary session.

However, among the purples, resignation reigns to end the remainder of the legislature with an empty seat. Sources from Podemos Canarias claim to have communicated with the Electoral Board in several attempts to find out about progress in the situation, but they see "little room for manoeuvre."

  • Blocking
    The solution is in the hands of Patricia Mesa, who remains silent on whether or not she will occupy the seat.

  • Litigation
    Rodríguez has appealed to the Constitutional Court to declare the Supreme resolution null and void.

  • Dichotomy
    The party risks both its political weight in Congress and its principles by defending the vacant seat.

The solution is in the hands of
Patricia Mesathe third person on the list of United We Can in Tenerife, called to cover Rodríguez's position after the second presented her resignation.

Although the Electoral Board issued the credential since November, Mesa has not ruled on his intention to occupy the seat or not and the truth is that there is no specific limit for him to make the decision, which prevents him from running the list. Next in order would be
Mary Christ Gonzalezwhich has expressed its predisposition to assume the seat of the Canary Islands.

Different voices are opposed in this regard by the national and regional leadership on whether or not their silence responds to a strategy or a personal decision, although, in both cases, they have asked for respect. Thus, they deny that precautionary measures will be taken against Mesa, since there is no protocol in the face of this "exceptionality."

What happened to Alberto Rodríguez?

Apart from the public declarations, the communication between Madrid and the Canary Islands has remained constant although not very decisive.
The party does not hide the urgency of filling the vacancy although at stake is, on the one hand, the support of the political principles that have led to protecting Rodríguez's space and, on the other, the parliamentary weight that has also diminished with the departure and subsequent suspension of Meri Pita, which leaves United We Can
with 33 votes.

The general coordinator of the party in the Canary Islands, Laura Fuentes, has stated on several occasions her commitment to leaving the seat empty until the issues are resolved.
amparo appeals to the Constitutional Court, as Alberto Rodíguez himself defends. The argument starts from the fact that if that space is covered, the judicial defense would be invalidated.

The former deputy presented the paperwork in February requesting that the Supreme Court resolution that sentenced him to
a special disqualification and a fine of 45 days for a crime of attacking a police officer in 2014. The man from Tenerife alleges that there was only one testimony, that is, there was not “sufficient minimum evidence” for the conviction and, in addition, his fundamental rights were violated.

Among them, it points out the fundamental right to an impartial judge, to the presumption of innocence, to effective judicial protection for violation of the principle of legality, to the rights of assembly and demonstration, to the right of political representation and to the principle of proportionality.

With this argument, Rodríguez is willing to take the case, even to the European courts. Bearing in mind the lengthy judicial times and pending litigation, except for a last-minute change in the internal blockade, everything indicates that the issue of the seat will not be resolved until the next elections.

What happened to Meri Pita?

The position of the Canary Islands within Podemos ended up disappearing with
the departure of Meri Pita from the purple ranks due to her disagreement with the course that the party's national leadership had taken.

The deputy from Gran Canaria, who after her announcement and subsequent suspension of militancy
became part of the Mixed Groupacknowledges that she feels more "comfortable" in this space to defend the interests of the archipelago.

In this sense, Pita assures that in her next steps she is presenting again the proposals framed in the political project "for which she was voted" and that includes the recognition of the Canarian waters, the greater autonomy of the autonomous community or the bill on Cooperation and Development, still pending.

“In general, we will seek that defense space for all the issues that we have pending without being the stick arms that were intended until now,” he added.

For his part, from
Podemos Canarias continue to criticize their "transfuguismo"» and the fact that the deputy has not renounced the minutes, leaving the party without the possibility of substitution.

It has also not transpired if there have been more casualties among Pita's supporters, although party sources assure that measures have been taken "from the inside" against certain behaviors that had gone against the code of ethics and statements "too harsh as to let them pass."

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