August 5, 2021

Rescued two climbers after spending hours suspended in a wall of the Peaks

Rescued two climbers after spending hours suspended in a wall of the Peaks

A rescue team of the Civil Guard and the Emergency Service of the Principality managed to rescue last night the two Basque climbers who remained suspended for about six hours on a wall located in Peña del Fresnedillo, in the Picos de Europa.

The strong winds that hit the Principality yesterday prevented their rescue by aerial means, for what they were two firemen of the 112 of Asturias, with the support of four agents of the Civil Guard which minutes before 23:00 hours they managed from ground to disentangle His rope and down the wall in which the two young men had been trapped.

It was the mountaineers themselves, a 23-year-old girl and a 30-year-old man, who alerted 112 Asturias that the ropes had been entangled when they were rappelling on a wall of the Peña del Fresnidiello, 1,477 meters high, by the so-called "Vía vultures", of high difficulty.

As reported by 112 Asturias, both climbers were suspended at a height of 180 meters above the ground, halfway to the wall they were rappelling in Fresnidiello, an area located at the end of Sotres and a few kilometers from Arenas de Cabrales, in the heart of the Picos de Europa.

After three attempts, the helicopter, finally, could not approach with the crane to the climbers because of the strong gusts of wind so it was decided to facilitate their descent from the ground, with the help of the mountain group of the Guardia Civil de Cangas de Onís.

From the base of the wall, the firefighters-rescuers began the climb up and into the night and, after riding four lengths, they reached where the climbers were suspended, which they later helped to rappel down.

The rescue operation was terminated shortly before midnight with the climbers unharmed in the parking lot where they had left their car.


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