January 19, 2021

Rescued in Teruel three people to be trapped in their vehicles

Rescued in Teruel three people to be trapped in their vehicles

Three people have had to be rescued from their vehicles today after being trapped by the rains that are falling throughout the day in the province of Teruel.

Sources of the Delegation of the Government have indicated that at this time the N-420 in Escucha remains, the TE-V-6012 in Riodeva and the A-2403 between Aliaga and Aldehuela.

In the first case, the cut is due to a detachment that has blocked one of the exits of the San Just tunnel, while in the second of the mentioned roads the cause has been "the considerable flood" of the Turia river. Between Aliaga and Aldehuela there is a section cut off from traffic by floods.

In addition, at around 8:30 p.m. two people have been rescued from the interior of their vehicle when they were immobilized in the mud in the vicinity of Aguaviva.

Likewise, another person had to be taken out of his vehicle in Aliaga, where the van he was driving had been detained and the interior was being flooded.

After the rescue, the health services have taken the driver to the nearest health center with mild hypothermia, according to sources from the Government Delegation.


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