August 5, 2020

Rescued Galician hikers lost on a Palombera route

The 25 Galician hikers who were wanted last night in the Cantabrian park Saja-Besaya have been rescued around 5.00 hours on Monday after nine hours of searching, Efe sources have informed of the service 112 of Cantabria.

The hikers, between 24 and 73 years, were in good health despite the "harsh" weather conditions in the area, although a 73-year-old woman had to be transferred by hypothermia and exhaustion to the Cantabrian hospital of Sierrallana , while another one also presented those symptoms but it has not had to be sent to any hospital center.

After 5:00 am, the group was taken by bus to Reinosa, where they were staying, and from where they had left on Sunday morning to make a mountain route.

The hikers, most of them over 60 years old, left this Sunday around 10 am from an area next to the port of Palombera to make the so-called route of the Jaya Cruzá, a circular route that runs through the port of Sejos and which has about 20 kilometers.

The group was made up of 26 people, but one of them finally decided not to do the route, so there were 25 hikers who went out to walk through the natural park of Saja-Besaya accompanied by a dog.

At 20.00, the hikers, when they could not continue the route due to the harsh weather conditions, since they were in an area with snow, notified the emergency service 112 of the Government of Cantabria that they could not continue and provided their coordinates for its location.

The 112 mobilized the area to the Group of Rescue and Intervention in Mountain (Greim) of the Civil Guard, rural patrols of the Armed Institute, Firemen of the emergency park of 112 in Valdáliga, a medical rescuer of the helicopter of the regional Government, the coordinator of emergencies of Civil Protection of Cantabria, health of 061 and Red Cross.

An advanced command post was also installed in the Interpretation Center of the Saja Besaya Natural Park, located in Saja (Los Tojos), from where the means and resources available in cooperation with the 112 room were managed.

The rescue team had to make their way down a forest track that gave access to the area in which the group had indicated that it was, cutting and removing three fallen trees that hindered the roadway.

After clearing the road and access in SUVs to the shelter of Bucierca, at about 1,000 meters altitude, twenty troops began a journey of about seven kilometers, with a difference of 700 meters, at night and snowing, to reach hikers, those who found about one o'clock in the morning under the peak La Concilla, at about 1,700 meters of altitude and a thermal sensation of about 12 degrees below zero.

Two women had more marked signs of hypothermia and exhaustion and one of them, 73 years old, had to be evacuated on a stretcher.

After the first attentions in the area, the rescuers began the way back with the hikers to the refuge, which arrived in a staggered way between 3.30 am and 4.00 am, as detailed in a press release on 112 Cantabria.

Around 5.00 am, all the hikers were already in the command post, from where they have been transferred to Reinosa by bus, except for the woman who has been referred to the Cantabrian hospital of Sierrallana.


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