Rescued a Spanish paraglider after spending five days lost in the Himalayas | sports

Rescued a Spanish paraglider after spending five days lost in the Himalayas | sports

The Spanish paraglider José Luis Bernal García, lost since last Friday in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, has been rescued on Wednesday by the Indian authorities in perfect health after spending five days and four nights in the open At an altitude of 4,200 meters, on snow-capped summits with bad weather conditions, they have informed official sources. He is with us! ANDNo perfect conditions. Grande Chelui ", he has written on his Facebook wall one of his classmates of expedition, Sento Córdoba.

"The Spanish citizen is well and safe, it was a clean rescue without any incident", confirmed Vikas Shukla, magistrate of the Baijnath subdivision, where the event took place, just at the moment when the athlete was being taken on board of the rescue helicopter.

His companion Sento Córdoba, who received Bernal on the track after the rescue, has assured that the operation to rescue and rescue the athlete was "very fast" and that his friend is "perfect" and "smiling." Bernal "is still very weak, but beyond that I could see that he is in perfect condition, he has absolutely no injuries", insisted Cordoba, while advancing that the athlete will be transferred to a health center for an evaluation comprehensive medical

Bernal García, a teacher high school of 60 years of Sevillian origin but who has lived in Asturias for 30 years, disappeared last Friday shortly after taking a flight from the Bir Billing, a popular takeoff point among paragliding fans, when the five companions with whom he was traveling lost communication with him.

According to his friends told La Nueva España, the accident occurred when the group was launched to fly and suddenly a cloud overtook them that absorbed the parapentistas and dragged them. "We went quickly to the valley, but Cheluí did not arrive," said one of them. "He was flying over the Big Face, one of the most characteristic peaks of the classic flight in the area, when we lost contact with him."

The search began on Saturday, when his friends gave the alarm and set up the emergency protocol 24 hours after the event. On Sunday, they were able to count on the support of a private helicopter, paid for by the insurance, which conducted a two-hour search.

Your companions they mobilized on social networks with the aim of locating a "great mountain enthusiast" who "knows the environment very well and has knowledge to survive the characteristics of the area". His children Irene and Pablo told Antena 3 They trusted in their survival: "Although he is 60 years old, he is a kid, better than us". They opened in a collection of signatures to request an increase in resources for their rescue. A friend of the athlete, Ben Emson, launched a campaign of donations to pay for more hours of helicopter. It has collected more than 10,800 euros, what Emson He promised to return if they were not necessary.

Spanish, recently retired as a teacher at the IES of Pando in Oviedo, where yesterday a support banner was deployed with the motto Bernal, we are waiting for you, was found on the 22nd. However, weather conditions did not allow the rescue, so the relief group only managed to get him food, medicine and clothes. On October 27, an international paragliding championship begins in Bir Billing, in which it is expected that nearly two hundred athletes will participate and for which the participants in the zone had already begun to congregate.

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