Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Rescue of Mexican miners buried in 2006 will begin in October

The Mexican government will begin in October the recovery of the bodies of the 63 miners buried for 14 years in the Pasta de Conchos mine, in the northern state of Coahuila, after building a new entrance, authorities said Wednesday.

At the end of 14 years after the explosion of the coal mine, where a total of 65 miners died, Luisa María Alcalde, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, announced that the rescue is “technically viable” after groups of experts analyzed the Last months the conditions of the mine.

The official said that next March the Mexican Geological Service will deliver a report on the analysis of the El Olivo land, where the mine is located, although according to preliminary reports, there are no water and gas levels as high as it had been established above, so this will not be an obstacle in rescue efforts.

During the morning conference from the National Palace, the official also said that after the analysis it was detected that the entrance to the mine “is totally collapsed” so you will have to look for a different entrance.

The mayor said that the analysis involved a technical group of 21 experts, 14 of them from Germany, China, Australia and the United States and 7 of them from Mexico.

He said the report will be formally presented in March, and in June the tender will be held to determine who will participate in the rescue of the bodies of the 63 miners who remain under the mine.


Meanwhile, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pointed out the importance of Germán Larrea, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo México, having agreed to transfer the concession of the mine to the Mexican government. “It’s good news,” he said.

He said that with the return of the concession – which was announced on Tuesday night – litigation was avoided because Grupo México, which is one of the most powerful companies in the country, legally had that land.

However, he said that this does not limit the right of victims’ next of kin to compensation processes “or any other labor or social claim.”

The mayor said that the ministry he leads does not plan to promote any administrative or legal process around Pasta de Conchos. “Since we do not carry out any such process,” he said.

In May 2019, President López Obrador “promised to do everything in our power (Government) to begin the rescue.”

For November, the Mexican government began with the first stage of rescue work at the Pasta de Conchos mine, in which the Mayor said that the conditions that existed would be analyzed in a span of two or three months so that the recovery could be formally initiated. of the bodies, which will finally begin in October 2020.


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