rescue a boat with 11 corpses

rescue a boat with 11 corpses

Salvamento Marítimo rescued 33 people from a small boat in the interior of which there were eleven corpses, a vessel that has been searched for two days and that has finally been located by the research vessel Hespérides in the Alboran Sea.

A spokeswoman for Maritime Rescue has informed Efe that the vessel had left during the early morning of December 18 from the Cape del Agua area (Morocco).

The ship Hespérides, who sailed yesterday from its base in the port of Cartagena to participate in the Spanish Antarctic campaign, has located and communicated its position to Salvamento Marítimo, which mobilized in its search for the vessel Salvamar Spica.

The survivors and the corpses of the deceased immigrants during the crossing have been transferred to the port of Almería, where they have disembarked around six in the morning.

The consulted sources have indicated that in these moments the search of other three pateras in Alborán is realized.


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