Rescue 16 people overcrowded in a road bound for Ireland - La Provincia

A routine inspection on a ferry between France and Ireland has ended the discovery of 16 people overcrowded in the back of a truck inside the cargo compartment of the ship, as confirmed by its operators, Stena Line.

An employee of Stena Line was checking the transport of the ship, which had sailed from the French port of Cherbourg to Rosslare, in Ireland,"When he discovered the 16 individuals in a sealed trailer"after the ship sails around 9 pm on Wednesday.

"All individuals are well and have been transferred to a private section in the passenger compartment where Stena Line employees monitor their well-being," the company said.

According to the Irish public network RTE all individuals are men,possibly Asians, between 20 and 40 years oldand it is believed that they left Belgium about five days ago.

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