February 24, 2021

requirements and how to apply for a position on the exchange



Post opened this past Monday, February 8, its job bank in which it will generate more than 128,000 jobs intended for “Coverage of temporary needs in operational positions” as its own website indicates. The deadline for candidates who meet the requirements to submit applications is until February 17. From this date, Post will assess the applications to launch these new job boards as of June 1 of this year.

What types of jobs are offered

In these new job boards, which have a provincial character, there may be different types of jobs related to the processes of the administrations and related to the delivery service. Specifically, there can be four types of job boards: Customer Support, classification mail and two types of dealer rural by motorcycle or on foot.

All the people who show up must be at most in two job boards and they have to be in the same province, or neighboring province. In the bases of this job offer, intended to fill vacancies, there are three types of shift (of which a candidate can only choose two): full-time and two part-time on weekday and weekend days.

Requirements to sign up for the exchange

Correos specifies a series of requirements that all candidates must meet to qualify for these new job boards. Among them are:

1. Be of the legal minimum age for hiring

2. Comply with the contractual requirements regarding work permits.

3. Obligatory Secondary Education qualification, school graduate or official qualification that replaces it. If they are foreign titles, they must be approved.

4. For bags that require distribution, you must have a driving license A, A1, A2, or B with an antiquity of more than 3 years.

5. In rural services where it is necessary to provide a vehicle, the candidate should meet this condition in addition to the associated driving license.

6. Not have been separated or dismissed from the service in a disciplinary way.

7. Not having had a contract terminated for not exceeding a trial period at the Post Office.

8. Not having been negatively evaluated for the performance of a post in the Post Office.

9. Not be disqualified for the performance of public functions by any sentence.

10. Not suffering from illness or physical or mental limitations for the performance of the position of the bag that is requested.

11. Not have an indefinite employment relationship in the company.

12. Comply with the rest of the requirements established in the call.

How to apply for a position

If you have evaluated the requirements and meet all the agreed conditions, you can submit your application to the job bank from February 8 to February 17 of the same month, both days included. These applications must be submitted exclusively through the internet in public calls within the People and Talent section of the Correos website.

The same website makes available to all candidates a guide to successful completion the job application. In it, all the necessary steps related to the choice of the Province, of the type of job bank, how to attach the documentation necessary, fill in your personal information and possible doubts and incidents that may arise along the way.

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