Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Republicans accuse Twitter, Facebook and Google of censoring them in the US Senate

Los republicanos acusan a Twitter, Facebook y Google de censurarles

The republicans have denounced the political bias and censorship by large technology companies such as Google, Facebook Y Twitter and threaten a new regulation. This is what the Republican senator warned Ted Cruz in a hearing this Wednesday in the Senate of the U.S, in which I point out some reports that show a "consistent pattern of political bias and censorship on the part of the great technology".

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"Not only does the great technology have the power to silence the voices with which they disagree, but it also has the power to gather the information of a person so that it only receives the news that coincides with its own political agenda", I assure Senator Cruz.

The main problem lies in the opacity of the procedure that these large companies follow to make decisions about what is allowed and what is not allowed in their platforms.

"What makes the threat of political censorship so problematic is the lack of transparency, invisibility, the ability of a group of giant technology companies to decide if a particular speaker is disadvantaged," Cruz said in his opening speech during the controversial commission Senate Judiciary Committee.

The conservatives have been denouncing for a long time that the main social media sites show a political bias, pointing out the liberal inclinations of Silicon Valley and the regular contributions of these companies to the Democratic Party.

Experts say there is no evidence that Facebook, Google and Twitter have deliberately tried to limit the reach of Republicans, a message that the technological giants that attended the Senate on Wednesday highlighted.

However, the promises of the executives of these companies assuring that they treat all the political content equally have not managed to influence the Republicans.

Even the President Trump has repeatedly assured that Facebook, Google and Twitter have prejudices against the game. In March, Trump accused the industry of harboring "hatred" for "a certain group of people in power who have won the election."

As an example, Trump has signaled his followers account on Twitter, which he says tends to fluctuate, a fact that Twitter long attributed to his efforts to close spam accounts on the platform. However, last month, Trump reiterated his threat of further scrutiny and told reporters that the government has to "do something about it."

For this reason, Cruz threatened in the Senate to promote a series of possible regulatory measures that Congress could consider, including the rethinking of a federal law that prevents companies from being responsible for the content published by their users.

For their part, the Democrats strongly rebuked Cruz and the Republicans for having convened this hearing. "For decades, Republicans have hit supposedly liberal media outlets," said Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono. "Now that two thirds of Americans receive their news from social networks, Republicans have a new bag man to point to: great technology," he added.

Democrats scolded Republicans for ignoring the real evils of social networks, including increasing hate speech and online misinformation.

During the session, Robbie Parker, the father of a child killed during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, also expressed his concern that Facebook and Google had not been aggressive enough to monitor their platforms. Parker said Facebook and YouTube had failed to prevent conspiracy theorists and others from attacking him and his family.

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