Republican counterattack on the Sanxenxo promenade: "Galicia has no king"

Republican counterattack on the Sanxenxo promenade: "Galicia has no king"

A concentration of some 50 people in front of the urban sandbank of Silgar, in Sanxenxo, wanted to reply this Saturday to the applause with which the King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I, was received on Friday at the yacht club on his return to Spain from the persian gulf, once its assets were safe from the action of criminal law. Between shouts against the monarchy, which "is crap", and critical chants with the "Bourbon thief", the attendees, summoned by the BNG, expressed their opposition to the visit of the monarch, who at that time was waiting to see if he would get up the wind to participate in the second day of the regatta that nominally justified his return to the kingdom.

The picture somewhat surprised the sanxenxino midday walkers. Despite announcements that hotel reservations were almost full, the day brought overcast skies and only a few dozen people had gone down to the beach at noon. Along the promenade, which in July and August is a continual coming and going of vacationers, you could walk without much hassle. And in the prevailing tranquility, the slogans of the Galician nationalists could be clearly heard, attracting onlookers wearing shorts and mobile phones to record expressions such as “we are not all here, Corinna is missing” or “Galicia has no king”.

The mayor of Sanxenxo, Telmo Martín, had greeted the royal visit this week as an opportunity to show the affection that the neighbors felt for Juan Carlos I, in his opinion. On Friday some 200 people had come to receive him, and after the royal greetings, a group of those present joked with the alderman, who acted as host. “Telmo, we comply, eh”, they pointed out to him, as a journalist from a Pontevedra media outlet could hear. But the republican counterattack, prepared, was not very bloody nor did it excessively anger the monarchists who passed by. If anything, to a couple of ladies, on their way to the nautical, who replied "long live the king", to a chicken truck that forced the concentrates to move a few meters to park, or to a Real Madrid fan, with a tight official green shirt and a pink beach bag that let out a half-glancing “louse” as it passed through the meeting point, followed by some more gruff outburst as it walked away.

Among the participants in the protest was the BNG deputy in the Congress of Deputies, Néstor Rego, who charged against the emeritus. "Galicia does not consider that the escaped Bourbon is welcome in this land," he defended, adding: "It seems undignified that a person who fled from justice to avoid accounting for multiple outrages in cases of corruption, collection of commissions and involvement in arms trafficking can return because Spanish justice shows once again that it is not the same for everyone”. On the supposed affection of the Sanxenxinos for the old king, he objected: "The mayor of Sanxenxo can say what he wants, but public opinion clearly does not share it." He referred, in this sense, to the fact that the CIS no longer asks citizens about the form of State in its surveys.

Police and nautical yawn

The concentration took place without any other incidents, as evidenced by the yawns of one of the three municipal police officers who were observing the scene from a discreet distance. The siesta was also a temptation at the yacht club, where the lack of wind forced the start of the second day of sailing competition to be suspended. The king, who ended up not participating in the race on Friday, had to wait until the afternoon to see if the weather improved. Once again there were supporters in the marina, some from Castile, such as María Antonia Queipo de Llano, a woman from Valladolid who appeared with a constitutional flag to defend the royal institution: “Don Juan Carlos is quietly retiring, but his son is the best representative we can have in the world and whoever does not see it is blind”, he justified.

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