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Repsol sells electricity and gas at El Corte Inglés | Economy

Repsol sells electricity and gas at El Corte Inglés | Economy

Repsol Y The English Court they have signed a new agreement whereby the energy company will offer electricity and gas to customers of the chain of department stores. Further, the Repsol application, called Waylet, may be used in El Corte Inglés centers as a form of payment from mid-June, with Exclusive promotions and discounts for its users.

According to the joint press release, the clients of the chain of warehouses will be able to contract as of this Wednesday the electricity and gas services of the Repsol Group in three points of the Community of Madrid - the centers of Sanchinarro, Castellana and Alcalá de Henares - and will have discounts on fuel. To this is added a check from El Corte Inglés of up to 100 euros, redeemable at any of its stores. The two companies already share an alliance in other services for more than 20 years.

This promotional offer for electricity and gas will be extended in mid-June to all customers who have access to the El Corte Inglés card, which currently exceeds 11 million. Likewise, Repsol will also launch an offer to the more than 90,000 employees of the warehouse chain in mid-April.

Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of the energy company, said in a statement that the agreement "reinforces Repsol's goal of keeping customers at the center" of its strategy, "with an innovative vision." For its part, its counterpart at El English court, Víctor del Pozo, Said: "We want to offer our customers everything they may need or that can facilitate their lives, whether products, services or experiences, and for that, we have allies of reference such as Repsol."

At the same time, the companies announced that Repsol Electricidad y Gas has won one of the electricity supply tenders organized by the distribution group. With this, it becomes the main energy supplier of El Corte Inglés by number of establishments. In particular, it will supply 21,600 MWh per year to a total of 540 sites of the Group for two years, a period that will begin on April 1. The electricity supplied will come from sources of renewable generation. In addition, since March 1 and for a period of one year, the subsidiary of Repsol supplies gas to 23 properties of the distribution group, for the equivalent of 13,900 MWh / year.

Repsol broke into the electricity and gas sector last June, after the purchase of five power plants in Spain to the Viesgo proprietary funds, with an investment of 750 million euros. The oil company and El Corte Inglés have had a collaborative relationship for more than 20 years with different initiatives -such as the shared management of service stations through their joint company Gespevesa- and both companies maintain a policy of promotions and cross-bids for profit of your customers.


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