Repsol is in favor of using fuel and coal for electricity generation




It has caused a huge surprise in the energy sector the support shown by Repsol to the use of coal to generate electricity, as well as fuel in certain thermal gas plants.

This was expressed by the director of studies of the oil and gas company, Antonio Merino, in a recent meeting called by the PP and attended by representatives of all the companies in the sector, such as Iberdrola, Endesa, EDP, Natury, Enagás, Repsol and the Aelec electrical company. REE was missing, whose president is the former socialist minister Beatriz Corredor.

On the part of the first opposition party were its president, Pablo Casado; the spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, and the deputy spokesperson of the parliamentary group, Guillermo Mariscal, as sources familiar with that meeting have confirmed to this newspaper.

The objective of the call was analyze the energy crisis that our country suffers from the sharp rises in electricity and gas prices, as well as the repercussions that the closure of the Maghreb gas pipeline will have on the security of gas supply to Spain.

Antonio Merino blamed the rising cost of electricity on the increases in the CO2 market and pointed out that if there were problems with gas, in many facilities it could be replaced by fuel or diesel. And he added that it had been done wrong by closing the coal plants.

However, the representatives of the electricity companies agreed that the rise in electricity was basically due to the rise in international gas prices and that the solution was to decarbonise.

For this reason, these statements have attracted attention in the sector for various reasons. The first of them, that the oil company chaired by Antonio Brufau has presumed for months to be carrying out a decarbonization process that will culminate in 2050 by reaching ‘zero emissions’. In addition, it has been a long time since Spain has generated electricity significantly with fuel, and very little with coal. “It would be taking one step forward and two steps back,” they say in the sector, in addition to going against the roadmap designed by the Government and the European Union towards the energy transition.

In this sense, the executive CEO of the oil company, Josu Jon Imaz, recently stated that the energy transition is “indispensable”But “not a transition anyway”, it should be “fair.” He added that, in addition to a just transition, it must be “competitive, efficient and based on existing technological and industrial capabilities” and “not a transition by playing the game.”

And he stressed that, given high gas prices, many coal plants in China and the US that could be powered by coal and gas are switching from gas to coal.

Rejected coal from Viesgo

It can also be recalled that when Repsol acquired different assets from Viesgo in the summer of 2018, it rejected the inclusion of the power plants in the package. Puente Nuevo coal power plants, in Córdoba (385 MW), and Los Barrios, in Cádiz (590 MW). And that this plant complies with the European directive on industrial emissions and has reduced its nitrogen oxide emissions after investments of almost 100 million euros. The oil company only bought hydroelectric plants, gas combined cycles and a portfolio of 750,000 electricity customers for about 735 million euros.

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