Repsol, Inditex and Seat are the largest exporters in Spain | Economy

Repsol, Inditex and Seat are the largest exporters in Spain | Economy

Repsol and Inditex, two of the biggest stars of the Ibex35, are the Spanish companies that register the highest turnover abroad, with sales exceeding 10,000 million euros. However, they are the unlisted companies, Seat stands out among them, those that lead the Spanish exports. It is the conclusion of a report commissioned by the bank HSBC to ESADE business school, which focuses on the 500 largest export companies in Spain, with a turnover of over 200 million euros.

The 50 listed companies analyzed in the study represent 29% of total exports but account for 49% of revenues. Of those listed companies, 25 are among the 10% of the largest by revenue, and 27 of the 50 are in the 25% of largest companies in Spain.

The unlisted companies analyzed account for 71% of the remaining exports and their revenues reach 51% of the total. The 128 largest companies, with revenues above 800 million, represent 80% of total billing and more than 74% of total exports.

Among those that are not listed, foreign-owned companies have the highest percentage of exports over income (74%) compared to Spanish companies (26%).

By companies, Repsol leads the classification of exporting companies, with 11,029 million foreign turnover, followed by the textile empire Inditex, with 10,398 million euros, the Seat automotive (10,188 million) and Reanult (8,199 million), Cepsa (6,942 million) , Ford (5,755 million), Peugeot (4,649) and Opel (3,791 million).

Foreign-owned companies are the main drivers of manufactures exports, while Spanish-owned companies dominate exports from the wholesale and retail industries. The most exported products are the vehicles and products related to the vehicles, a sector led by the Spanish subsidiaries of the multinationals.

By sectors, the manufacturer leads the export sector, accounting for 58% of exports. Wholesale and retail sales are in second place, with 15% of the exports of the companies analyzed. The manufacture of motor vehicles and related activities are the largest exporters. Foreign-owned companies dominate export in the industry related to motor vehicles.

Regarding the destination of exports, the study shows that Europe is an export destination for 59% of all the companies analyzed, while only 7% exports to Asia, a growing region. South America and North America, respectively, are destinations for 12% and 11% of the analyzed exporters.

The report analyzes the export capacity according to the size of the companies. It classifies them in medium and large. All analyzed have a minimum turnover of 200 million euros. The revenues of these companies show that the distribution of the 500 companies by size is far from being homogeneous: 25% of the companies are in the range 800 million euros of income to 52,574 million euros of income, while 25% of small companies is concentrated in the range 200 million to 250 million.


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