Repsol gets a permit that will keep its oil platform in the Mediterranean more active for ten years

Repsol gets a permit that will keep its oil platform in the Mediterranean more active for ten years

The Government has authorized the ten-year extension that Repsol had requested to prolong the exploitation of oil in the Mediterranean Sea and thus maintain the only active marine oil platform in Spain called Casablanca.

This decision extends the extraction and production of fossil fuels for another decade, the main cause of the global warming process of the planet and climate change. "The request of the company fulfilled all the legal requirements for the concession", explained the Ministry for the Ecological Transition that understands that there was no choice but to authorize exploitation.

The platform was declared a "strategic project" by Repsol in 2015. Its production is 7,200 barrels of oil per day, of which "about 2,000 barrels" came from the recently extended concession, according to the company itself. "It is not possible to quantify production in the next decade at this time," said a spokesman.

It has not been analyzed by the Mar Blava organization, one of the most active groups in the campaign to put an end to the surveys and projects in search of hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean Sea: " The concession is optional for the central government. He has no legal obligation to grant them, "they explain.

The Ministry understands that "respect for legal security" of the existing operations made it very difficult not to respond to Repsol's request. And even risked a claim for property damage in the courts. "The government is not about the litigation," they added.

Mar Blava considers that this extension is "tremendously incoherent on the part of the Ministry of Transition, which has repeatedly expressed the Government's willingness to prohibit activities of exploitation and exploitation of hydrocarbons at sea, as one of the necessary measures to advance the deep decarbonization of our energy system and our economy. " The Executive's draft climate change bill includes the non-concession of new farms and the end of existing ones by 2040.

Repsol believes that it is compatible to maintain oil production and fight against global warming because, says a spokesman, "the company is fully committed to the fight against climate change, with two main objectives: supply the energy demanded by society , while fighting against climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. We want to make progress in the energy transition and reduce emissions in our operations and products. "

The platform stopped extraction at the Casablanca well last Thursday when the permit expired. Now you can resume the extraction. The infrastructure acts on four other different concessions whose licenses expire in the coming years and for which you can ask for an extension of the term as you have achieved.


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