May 14, 2021

Reported for homophobic assault for threatening and insulting a bus in the South of Gran Canaria – La Provincia

On the night of July 27-28, at about 3:00 a.m., a man starred in a brawl in a bus from Gran Canaria in which insulted and threatened two young men who were sitting behind him.

The Canary Observatory against LGTBIphobia will denounce the protagonist of the video for an alleged hate crime. As indicated by El País, the Observatory He has contacted the authors of the recording to try to locate the alleged aggressor and take legal action.

The Director General of Diversity of the Canary Government, Julio Concepcion, asks for "exemplary punishment in the face of this homophobic aggression" recorded in a viralized video and notes that attempts are being made to find those affected so that the Observatory will take legal action.

In a bus leaving Puerto de Mogán

The event happened after the protagonist looked at the girl who was sitting behind him and his companion told him to stop looking lasciviously at his friend.

According to a passenger in LAPROVINCIA, the man climbed into the bus, which left the Puerto de Mogán, in some South zone and got off at Neighborhood after spending all the way screaming.

Other passengers sent him to shut up. "Do not be confused piece of fag, or I hit a shit. Don't tell me again that you call the Civil Guard or I'll send you"said the assailant before hearing that they were going to call the authorities.

Despite the screams, there was no physical damage. The video, which circulates through the different social networks, has served as a complaint.


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