Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Report highlights the positive impact of immigrants on the US economy

Report highlights the positive impact of immigrants on the US economy

The Hispanic Institute in the United States (THI, in English) today published a report in which it affirms that the purchasing power and labor immersion of the immigrant community has increased in recent years, which is reflected in a greater positive impact on the economy of the country.

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The study centers its analysis in Iowa and Nevada, two regions with relevance in the national elections, but remarks, in the words of the president of the THI, Gus West, that "the immigrants are crucial not only along the coasts or in the border south, but in all 50 states. "

In the case of Iowa, a small state with a population of 3.1 million people, the presence of people born abroad is not significant in terms of quantity, since only 5% is an immigrant; however, with data from the Immigration Council of the United States, in 2014 they reached a purchasing power of 3,000 million dollars.

Although its representation in the work environment is not high either (8.6% in the hospitality sector, 8.5% in professional, scientific and technical services, 6.6% in finance, and 6.3% in the construction) its tax contribution was 820.3 million dollars in federal rates and 348.9 million in state and local taxes.

In a totally opposite situation in the demographic plane, Nevada represents one of the states with greater diversity, in spite of the fact that the number of inhabitants is similar to that of Iowa, with 3 million people.

The white ethnic group comprises less than half of the population (49.1%), followed by Hispanics with 28.8%, African-Americans (9.8%) and Asians (8.8%), according to data from the Census Bureau.

These figures assume that the purchasing power of immigrant households exceeds 10 billion dollars, since they represent 25.1% of workers in the outstanding hospitality and commerce sector, and generated 556 million in revenue.

In Nevada, immigrants paid 2.2 billion in federal taxes and 733.5 million in state and local taxes for 2014.

Across the country, according to the report, the purchasing power of immigrants was 927,000 million dollars in 2014, and contributed 329,000 million dollars in federal, state and local taxes, of which 148,000 million were Social Security expenses and the health program.

Finally, the study, entitled "The Two State Report: A Review of the Impact of Immigration in Iowa and Nevada," assesses, in addition to the economic impact, the impact of immigration in terms of creativity and talent with the presence of foreigners in the direction of large companies,

So, he points out that leaders such as Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, originally from India; the Oracle director, Safra Catz, born in Israel; or two of the founders of YouTube, Steve Chen (Taiwan) and Jawed Karim (Germany), are examples of this benefit.

"Demagogues have tried to create panic about immigrants since the founding of the country, but the facts show that immigration has been an absolute good and our report is an introduction to a topic that will dominate the public debate ahead of the presidential campaign of the 2020, "the president of the Instituto Hispano insisted in a statement.


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