Report 71 fires between the Chilean regions of Valparaíso and La Araucanía

Report 71 fires between the Chilean regions of Valparaíso and La Araucanía

Chilean authorities reported today that there are at least 71 active fire sources between the central region of Valparaíso and the southern region of La Araucanía for many of which it has declared a "red alert".

The manager of protection against forest fires of the National Forest Corporation (Conaf), Aida Baldini, affirmed that the losses that represent a threat to the houses, are grouped in the coastal region of Valparaiso; in the metropolitan region of Santiago and several regions in southern Chile.

In Valparaíso, the most dangerous centers are affecting Villa Alemana and Placilla, fires that have caused the intervention of helicopters and several fire companies.

According to the authority of Conaf, around 6.30 pm (21.30 GMT) there were 62 fires, but 40 minutes later the situation increased by nine more fires, which complicated the task of the teams working on the extinction of the flames.

"It is striking, obviously there is action, even from children, and there is also intentionality because there are pockets of light in sectors that people do not usually reach and are lit in places where they know that the fire will spread very quickly," Baldini stressed. statements broadcast by Biobio radio.

The forestry engineer said that 99.7% of fires are caused by people. And, of them, 30% is generated intentionally.

Regarding the claims that affect several hectares in southern Chile, the authority of Conaf said that the sources of concern to the entity have exploded in the Maule, Biobío and La Araucanía regions.

Chile has been hit in the last few days by a large heat wave, and as reported by the Meteorology Service temperatures will remain high at least for all that week.


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