Reopens the hostel of Jaén located in the castle of Santa Catalina

The Parador de Jaén, located in the castle of Santa Catalina, has been officially reopened this Saturday in an event attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

The establishment has all its rooms reserved for tomorrow, day set for reopening to the pubic, and an occupancy forecast of over 90% during the first week of operation.

The works of the Parador de Jaén, which opens its doors with a launch offer, valid until August 31, of 115 euros in a double room with breakfast included, began in November 2018 and finished in January this year.

The Board of Directors of Paradores awarded the reform, through a public tender, to the company Acciona Infraestructuras for an amount of 3,304,000 euros, while the decoration works were assigned to the company CIDON for 844,646 euros.

Due to the situation of the Jaén hostel, several actions carried out have focused on improving the accessibility of the building, and for this a new elevator has been installed and public toilets have been completely renovated to make them accessible to people with mobility reduced

In the 45 rooms all the carpentry has been changed and the bathrooms have been renovated, and all the facilities, the roof of the hostel and the kitchen, which now has the most modern facilities, have been renovated.

As for the decoration, the stone, the arches and the light entrances have been highlighted so that the visitor can perceive it in a better way, in addition a timeless interior design has been sought with winks to the Andalusian tradition and craftsmanship.

The renovated Jienense establishment will also host several pieces of the artistic collection of hostels such as a Spanish-Flemish stature, dated in the last third of the fifteenth century, and another that represents Santa Catalina de Alejandría, copatrona of the city of Jaén, which gives its name to the hostel.

In addition, on the walls of the establishment will hang, again, a curious 16th century embroidery of exquisite invoice, woven with silk and gold, of special singularity for being made on sackcloth.

A 17th-century Flemish tapestry will also be exhibited, representing a scene from the history of King David, and another tapestry of exceptional quality made by the Royal Tapestry Factory, which represents the Gross expedition to Aquitaine.

The kitchen team of Juan Mora, chef of the hostel, has prepared a menu where the dishes reflect the culture and culinary tradition of this area of ​​Spain with dishes such as the olive pit, ajilimójili, pipirrana with pickled partridge, picual olive croquettes, Papajotes with honey from Andújar, carruecano cream, ochíos with boiler blood sausage, and desserts such as EVOO and orange bonbon or sweet potato fritters.

In the renovation of the Parador de Jaén, the "room of Charles De Gaulle" stands out, which he held from June 9 to 13, 1970, who was president of the French Republic during a trip to Spain, which at that time was number 13 , and today the 231 and is decorated with memories of that illustrious visitor.

The Parador de Jaén is a building built on a new floor by the architect José Luis Picardo in 1965, on the grounds of the original fortress of the 18th century, through a construction that matches the military and defensive aspect of the rest of the archaeological site, one of the most impressive fortresses of Andalusia.


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