Reopens the cause of Abidal's liver transplant | Catalonia

Reopens the cause of Abidal's liver transplant | Catalonia

The Audience of Barcelona has forced to reopen, for the second time, the research on the liver transplant of former FC Barcelona player Eric Abidal. The magistrates heed the request of the Prosecutor's Office to continue with the investigation of the case in relation to the alleged irregularities in the procedures for the surgical intervention. The Civil Guard has taken over the investigation.

In the car, the Court considers that the evidence requested by the prosecution must be carried out; among others, to send a new rogatory commission to France to request the declaration of the cousin of the player who, presumably, gave him the organ. The resolution indicates that, after the first judicial drainage to the instruction, new elements appeared on the table; in particular, alleged "irregularities or discrepancies" in the clinical record.

The magistrates do not enter the substance of the Abidal case; They do not value, for example, if these irregularities could be due, as the defense of the ex-defense of Barca maintains, to "the existence of two original acts". They do, however, maintain that it is necessary and appropriate to take a statement as a witness to Abidal's cousin.

It is convenient, in any case, to investigate. "It can not be forgotten", the magistrates emphasize, that in the clinical file processed by the Barnaclínic hospital "there is no identity document of the donor", nor his residence permit. They also remember that the cause derives from a telephone conversation between the former president of FC Barcelona and a speaker in which they talk about the illegal purchase of a liver. The self-reproach that has not been practiced "no diligence of instruction to find out the identity" of the interlocutor of Rosell.

The magistrates conclude that, with all that panorama, there is "sufficient evidence of the alleged commission" of the crime to justify further investigation. The Tenth Section estimates the resources of the Office of the Prosecutor and of the State Bar which represents the interests of the Ministry of Health and orders to reopen the proceedings.

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