Rentals, pension plans, exempt income and other aspects to be taken into account in the declaration

Rentals, pension plans, exempt income and other aspects to be taken into account in the declaration


The Register of Fiscal Advising Economists (REAF) has recalled that the income to rent a property as a habitual residence enjoy a reduction of 60% in the IRPF, but has warned that, if it is not declared, the owner will not be entitled to it in case of administrative regularization. Seasonal rents or for tourist use do not have this reduction, said on Tuesday at a press conference the technical secretary of the professional organization, Luis del Amo, in a campaign of the declaration of income in which the Tax Agency has notified 700,000 taxpayers that has detected could have a property for rent.

Among the issues to consider before filing the income tax return, Del Amo has also referred to the taxation of contributions and benefits to social security benefit systems, to the peculiarities of the separated couples and to the casuistry of businessmen and professionals. On pension plans, he explained that 2019 is the last year to be able to rescue the plan in the form of capital with a 40% tax reduction if the beneficiary retired in 2011. Likewise, he recalled that one spouse can contribute to the other's plan with the same reduction in the tax base of up to 8,000 euros (or 30% of the income from work and economic activity) , provided that the spouse to whom the contribution is made receives net income from work and economic activity of less than 8,000 euros.

The annuities for food in favor of children are exempt income for the recipient within the marital separations, while the compensatory pension to the spouse is considered labor income for the recipient and is susceptible to reduction in the tax base for the person who pays it, has explained.

The president of the REAF, Jesús Sanmartín, has highlighted the importance of reviewing the balances of previous statements that still have an impact in 2018, since, for example, patrimonial losses can serve to compensate capital gains for four years.

In the same way, it has recommended that it be reviewed the possible breach of tax benefits applied in previous years, which would force to present a complementary statement of those exercises before July 1, on which no surcharge applies, but interest on late payment.

In this casuistry is not having reinvested in the purchase of a new home the amount of the sale of the habitual residence in the two years following the operation or the failure to keep the shares delivered by the company to the worker as exempt income for three years .

He also explained that we must also think if an irregular performance of the work as a "bonus" is rewarded in the income statement, which has a reduction of 30%, since in the following five years no other income of this type can be reduced. He has highlighted the importance of keeping the receipts of allowances and travel expenses exempt from tax, because it is usual for the Tax Agency to check this type of bonus.

The same happens with the exemption of up to 10,600 euros for work abroad, especially if the payer has withheld these retributions, since the Treasury can claim proof of departure from the national territory or the work done.

To the heirs of taxpayers who died in 2018, it reminds them that if the death occurred as of July 5 of last year, they may apply the new reduction of work income, the disabled dependent spouse or the supplementary for large families introduced with the 2018 Budgets.


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