March 9, 2021

Renfe will have at least two competitors to lower AVE tickets

The president of ADIF, Isabel Pardo de Vera, said today that Renfe will have at least two competitors in the three high-speed corridors that arouse most interest among the many interested in rail liberalization scheduled for December 2020. The powerful bet of two large consortiums for the Madrid-Seville-Malaga, Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Valencia package, among which there are companies, railway manufacturers and transport funds, foresees that at least two new operators will enter liza. Although the entire rail network is available for the entry of competitors, with a 65% increase in high-speed capacity for new operators, the greatest interest is in the busiest corridors. "The structure of the three packages allows us to have at least three operators, if our expectations are consolidated," said Pardo de Vera. To avoid that all offers focus only on the Madrid-Barcelona corridor, the most profitable, is forced to enter the three networks, not just one. To these three packages could be added the Barcelona-Valencia corridor, added the president of Adif, who has announced in a meeting with media that the railway manager already has ready the horizon of fees that these companies and Renfe should pay him to use the rail network under his management. These new fees, established based on maintenance costs, will be presented in September so that interested consortiums can establish their business plans. In this regard, Pardo recalled that the costs by fees "can account for 30% of the turnover for the bidder," he said. Although the amount of the fees will rise, since the current ones come from extended State Budgets based on lower maintenance costs, the impact will not be significant due to the bonus system that establishes a system of discounts as network utilization is increased. With this system, "which motivates competition and the commitment to the railroad", Adif hopes to increase revenues by 30% for fees paid for the use of the network in a 2025 scenario.

In addition, the president of the railway administrator has indicated that in October the contest rules for the future Chamartín station will be presented, which will become a railway hub for all of Europe with its connection to Barajas and Atocha. It will be a project of a station with two terminals connected by the tunnel that crosses Madrid (Chamartín-Atocha) and will cost 966 million euros.

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