May 18, 2021

Renfe wants 25% of its machinists to be women 10 years from now

Renfe wants 25% of its machinists to be women 10 years from now


Renfe is preparing an equality plan, in collaboration with the Institute for Women, in which it intends to enhance the company's female presence and for this, it has been marked as objective that in a term of ten years, 25% of its machinists are women. To do this, the company will create a scholarship program, endowed with one million euros per year, for women to take the train driving course, as reported today by the railway operator in a statement.

In addition, Renfe aims to advance "substantially" in terms of equality, for which is developing a feminization plan that aims to have a joint workforce in the horizon of 2028.

The collaboration with the Women's Institute also includes the inclusion of Renfe in the "Ahora Tú" program, through which women trained in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) will develop their practices in the railway company.

According to Renfe, currently women represent 13% of the company's 14,435 employees. The decoupling plan in force in the company and the processes of selection and incorporation of new workers aim to establish a strategy to reach a female representation of 25% in 4 years and close to 50% in ten.


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