August 14, 2020

Renfe suspends the entry into service of the “low cost” AVE due to the coronavirus

The Avlo had planned to enter the service on April 6. The operator will return the amount of the tickets and those purchased at 5 euros can be changed to be used when it is launched

Renfe has postponed the entry into operation of Avlo, the new low-cost high-speed service, which was scheduled for April 6 after the coronavirus alarm state came into effect. The new launch date of the Avlo has not been set and will be set depending on the evolution of the situation, as the company explained in a note. For this reason, the operator will return the amount of the tickets to all travelers, and the tickets purchased at 5 euros during the promotional offer will be exchanged for others to use when the service starts, as explained.

Renfe has also explained that it has designed a new transport plan by which it will cancel all its current offer of commercial AVE and Long Distance trains, as well as Media Distance and Avant, and will be replaced by another offer that complies with the application of the regulations contemplated in the alarm status decree. This new transportation plan with supply restriction will have an initial duration coinciding with the alarm period. Renfe It will fully refund the amount of the tickets to all the travelers who planned to travel on those days, and will offer the seats of the new transportation plan for sale based on the reductions decreed by the Executive. The new transport plan “will ensure the existence of services in all relationships currently existing to allow mobility within the causes contemplated by the Government,” according to the company.

Security measures

The implementation of the new transport plan means that AVE, Long Distance, Medium Distance and Avant services will be restricted by 50% from 00:00 on Wednesday, March 18th. In application of the Government’s instruction to ensure the maximum possible separation between passengers on trains in which a seated seat is sold, Renfe “It will limit the offer of available seats for each train depending on the configuration and typology of each unit”, as reported.

Likewise, in line with the measures already announced in Spain for the closure of bars and restaurants, “and in line with other measures that seek to reduce the risk of contagion, Renfe has made the decision to temporarily suspend on all its trains the cafeteria, mobile bar, on-board catering, press distribution and headphone services. All the club rooms of the stations will also be closed ”, as reported.

Ticket cancellation

In this new scenario derived from the declaration of the state of alarm decreed by the Government, Renfe has ordered the following extraordinary measures:

  1. Cancellation of all current train tickets, from 00’00 hours on Wednesday and throughout the duration of the alarm state.
  2. 100% refund of the amount paid for these suspended tickets to all travelers, regardless of the type of fare they have paid.
  3. New tickets for sale adapted to the new transportation plan.
  4. Likewise, Renfe has enabled a new specific information telephone number (918 314 520), which will be available from Monday, March 16.


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