July 4, 2020

Renfe suppresses 155 trains this Thursday for the CGT stoppage day

Renfe suppresses this Thursday, December 5, the circulation of 155 trains, 28 of them AVE and Long Distance, as a result of the stoppages convened by the CGT union for this day, which coincides with the 'exit operation' of the bridge.

This is stated in the resolution of minimum services issued by the Ministry of Development, which amounts to 11,550 travelers who will be directly affected by the cancellations, 6,300 users of the AVE and another 5,250, of regional trains.

CGT, a minority union in the Renfe committee, has convened three stops of four hours each for this Thursday, which will take place between 00.00 and 4.00 hours, between 11.00 and 15.00 hours, and between 20.00 and 00.00 hours .

The union, which is scheduled for a 23-hour strike on the 20th, on Christmas Eve, denounces the "privatizations and outsourcing" it considers are being carried out on the railway and the "lack of personnel" of Renfe and Adif for the retirement of his "aged templates".

Given this mobilization, Fomento has dictated minimum services that guarantee the circulation of up to 90% of the usual trains, to ensure transport in a day of "exceptional movement of travelers" in which "the mobility of a working day coincides with the beginning of the bridge and, in addition, the celebration of the Climate Summit in Madrid ".

In spite of this, Renfe, in addition to not being able to reinforce its service as usual on days of greater mobility, must abolish trains that are not included in minimum services.

Thus, by type of train, in the AVE and Long Distance the minimum services guarantee the circulation of 90% of the usual trains, that is, about 265. The remaining 28 will be canceled and your 6,300 travelers will have to travel in other or other day, according to the resolution of Promotion.

In the case of the Media Distancia trains (regional), the circulation of 215 is guaranteed, 62.8% of the usual offer, which means suppressing 127 frequencies that will affect about 5,250 passengers.

This number of people affected does not include those who finally travel by bus or other modes, which raise up to 24,284 the total number of passengers affected by canceled regional trains, at an average of 192 users per train.

Regarding Cercanías, the resolution does not include an estimate of affected passengers, but establishes as minimum services 50% of the usual frequencies, 75% in the 'rush hour', in the case of Madrid.

In the rest of the half a dozen capitals that have this transport, 48% of normal circulation is guaranteed, 66% in 'rush hour'.

In Merchandise, Promotion guarantees the circulation of 56 trains, 35% of the total, with which 219 will be canceled, to avoid having to stop factories due to lack of supplies and that their transport is not diverted to the roads on an intense day circulation.

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