April 14, 2021

Renfe strike in July: Renfe cancels 707 trains this Wednesday before the strikes called by CGT – La Provincia

Renfehas canceled the circulation of 707 trainsthis Wednesdaybefore the partial strikes that CGT has convened in the railway company for this day, which coincides with one of the key days of passenger mobility on the occasion of summer vacations.

This is the first of four days ofpartial stoppageswhom CGT calls Renfe workers, whowill be four hoursand will take place between 12.00 and 16.00 and between 20.00 and 24.00.

Of the total trains canceled for this Wednesday,230 are from AVE and Long Distance, and the remaining 477, from Medium Distance (regional),as it appears from the resolution of minimum services that the Ministry of Development has set before the call.

This letter of essential services thus guarantees the circulation of 829 AVE and Long Distance trains, 78% of the total, and 899 of Medium Distance circulations, 65%.

In the case ofCommuter service that Renfe provides in a dozen cities,between them Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the minimum services cover half of the service, 50%, a percentage that rises to 75% in the case of coinciding with 'rush hour' bands. Regarding freight trains, 34% of the usual ones have guaranteed circulation.

Promotion of these minimum services for both the call for this Wednesday, and for the other three scheduled by the union, minority in the Renfe company committee, set forAugust 14 and 30 and September 1.

"Exceptional passenger movement" day

In its resolution, the Ministry attributes the percentages of essential services to the fact that the stoppages are convened on a day of "exceptional movement of travelers."

"Match the mobility of working days with theholiday departure and return operation,and with the beginning of the bridge on August 15, affecting, therefore, all types of trains, "argues Fomento.

"If minimum services were not determined, the exercise of the right to strike would cause superior and unnecessary damage to citizens," concludes the Ministry that warns of the collapse of the access roads to large capitals in case of restricting the Cercanías service or the damage that would be caused to the"Outstanding" number of travelers you have booked "well in advance"tickets for these dates.

In spite of this, CGT considers that the minimum services decreed are "excessive" and that they generate a "huge imbalance between the fundamental right to strike and the right to mobility".

With hisstrike call, what happens to the CC.OO. carried out in the operator on July 15, the union demands an increase in the Renfe workforce.

In addition, it denounces the "impossibility" of fulfilling the "spirit" of reducing the weekly workday to 37.5 hours before the company's decision to apply it daily, with a decrease of 17 minutes of working time, instead of Cumulative form, adding days off.

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