Renfe starts on Thursday the regular sale of AVLO tickets - La Provincia

Renfestarts on Thursday the regular sale of tickets from the AVLO, the trainAVE 'low cost'that from April 6 will joinMadrid and Barcelona, with the basic prices of between 10 and 60 euros set for this service, the company said.

The operator will start at 3 pmordinary marketing of this service, whose final concrete price will depend on different factors such asin advancewith which the purchase is made, the schedule and the existing demand.

The basic price includes the trip and thetransport of a handbag and a suitcaseof certain dimensions. In the event that the traveler requests other benefits, different supplements will be added, which rangefrom 8 eurosfor choosing a seat up to a maximum of 30 euros for carrying a second suitcase.

The sale of the AVLO begins after theinitial promotionby whichRenfe has sold 16,000 places at a price of 5 euros for ten days.

The railway company initially puts on sale 522,000 AVLO seats to travel from the day of its premiereUntil August 31,period thatcovers Easter and summer vacations.

Renfe will start withthree daily frequencies per direction, to which a fourth will be added in May, the commercial service of its new low-cost AVE with which it seeks to anticipate the products of this type that will be brought by the new operators with which it will begin to compete from December.


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