March 7, 2021

Renfe reaches 100,000 tickets sold Ave trains from or to Granada

Renfe has reached on Friday the 100,000 tickets sold on Ave trains to and from Granada, which opened its high-speed connection ten days ago, passages that have mostly been purchased with the promotional launch rate.

In a statement, Renfe has announced that 100,000 tickets have already been sold to use the Ave trains from or to Granada and that, by cities, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona are the ones that concentrate the highest number of passes sold as points of origin.

Regarding the rates, most of the sales were made taking advantage of the promotion that Renfe has offered since the commercial launch of the new service and that ended on June 30.

Renfe has put into service on June 26 three Ave per day circulation circulations between Granada and Madrid, which adds another service that connects every day the capital of Granada with Barcelona.

To the direct Ave services is added the offer of integrated tickets that Renfe offers to or from Granada as those that connect with Pamplona, ​​a travel option through an official link in Zaragoza or Madrid with which the traveler purchases a single ticket to travel in two trains (Alvia and Ave).

The fee for these integrated tickets is less than the sum of the two tickets separately.

Travelers have departures from Pamplona station at 6:25 (link in Zaragoza) and at 15:35 (link in Madrid) and to return from Granada, with seven hours minus ten minutes as the best travel time between Pamplona and Granada with a link in Zaragoza.

The Promo and Promo + rates have been the definitive impulse for the increase in demand for High Speed-Long Distance trains throughout the Spanish territory, discounts of up to 70% that reduce the trip from Granada to Pamplona to 50.55 euros , according to Renfe detailed.

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