Renfe promotes the appointment of the businessman linked to the PSC as president of the AVE to Mecca




The PSC disembarks in Saudi Arabia from the hand of Renfe. The board of directors of the Spanish High Speed ​​Consortium Meca Medina (CEAVMM) has agreed this Friday the appointment of Alejandro Colldefors as new president of the entity in substitution of Jorge Segrelles. A replacement promoted by Renfe, which has a dominant position on the board as it has 26.9% of the capital of the consortium and which will have a greater role in the project from now on.

The appointment of Colldefors has a strong political accent. He has entered various party lists and was even number three in the formation for the 2014 European elections. He was also part of the list in the 2019 elections and has held the position of Commissioner for International Affairs of the First Secretary of the PSC.

In the business field, he has been director of international relations for
, company in which he was responsible for the coordination, monitoring and control of international projects and representation in international boards and forums.

Previously, he held the position of Marketing Director for Logistics Parks at Saba Infrastructures (2004-2007). At the training level, the new president of the consortium has a degree in Law from the International University of Catalonia (UIC). He also obtained a master's degree in European economics, politics and social sciences from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a managerial development program from IESE Business School.

The change occurs at a decisive moment for the AVE to Mecca. ANDThe consortium has just closed the pre-operational phase of the project, a stage that began in 2018 and in which, although trains were running, certain works still had to be completed, especially in a couple of stations.

This stage concluded on March 31, when the installation work of the ERTMS Level 2 traffic management system was completed, which allows the consortium to offer commercial services with all the benefits both in speed (300 kilometers per hour of maximum commercial speed) and in number of frequencies.

The same day
the operational phase was opened, a contractual period that will extend 12 years
. "The main objective of the new presidency will be to adapt CEAVMM to this new stage, which will require a greater role for the operating companies of the Consortium and, in particular, Renfe and Adif," the consortium explained in a statement.

The departure of Segrelles, in the position since 2016 and whose candidacy was promoted by Adif during the government of Rajoy, it was taken for granted within the consortium. Because the manager was appointed to lead the construction phase of the service, although he also finally remained in the position when the pre-operational phase began three years ago. Despite the complexity of the project, the consortium has managed to maintain good relations with the Saudi client under its command, as the three main agreements reached during these years prove.

This Friday
He wished the new president "the greatest successes at the head of the project, which will be those of the Consortium" and has expressed his gratitude to the shareholders and the members of the board of directors for the support of his team and management during his presidency.

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