Renfe plans to launch a low cost AVE with tickets up to 40% cheaper

Renfe plans to launch a low cost AVE with tickets up to 40% cheaper


Launch of new services and exit abroad. These are the axes on which Renfe will rely to overcome the liberalization of rail transport of passengers, which will be carried out before the end of 2020. This is included in the strategic plan 2019-2023 of the railway operator, which was presented on Thursday by the company's president, Isaías Táboas, to the media.

«We will emphasize internationalization through alliances and new projects. We will have a proactive role in this aspect ", explained Táboas, who also pointed out that this exit abroad will compensate for the loss of income that private competitors will enter the market.

And it is that Renfe plans spend increase its turnover in 1,000 million over the next ten years, up to 5,000 million euros. 10% of this income would come, according to the calculations of the public company, from abroad.

The AVE «low cost», which will have little to do with the EVA proposed by the previous Executive, would contribute 20% of these 5,000 million, according to these forecasts. «We will be ready for the opening of the market. Before liberalization occurs we will have low-cost alternatives to attract new customers, "explained Táboas.

The head of Renfe has avoided specifying if to start up this service will buy new rolling stock, but has specified that the public company has contemplated the possibility of putting on the market a service that is up to 40% cheaper than the lines high speed current. These, on average, have a price of 52 euros each way.

Renfe aims to expand its potential market as well. In the case of the route between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the most used in Spain, the train takes 32% of the market, compared to 20% of air transport and 10% of the bus. "There is potential for a transit of passengers to the train," said the president of Renfe.

Regarding the provision that the railway operator facilitate the rental of its rolling stock to private companies, Táboas has indicated that it has been a decision taken by the Ministry of Public Works. Sources of Renfe had already criticized in the past that facilitate the entry into the market of operators private companies through this system.

In addition, the president of Renfe has also made reference to the process of buying new trains. In January, the operator has tendered the purchase of 31 trains of metric width and another 6 of Cercanías for 287 million. Between now and June, the public company will invest 3,000 million in the purchase of new rolling stock.


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