Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Renfe offers three million seats for Easter

Renfe offers three million seats for Easter

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Traveling by rail will be easier during Holy Week. Renfe has offered three million seats to travel on its trains between April 12 and 22, increasing the available capacity by 150,000 extra seats and reinforcing the AVE on peak days by 20%. Commercial trains (high speed and long distance) offer 1.4 million seats to travel to the main holiday destinations. In this way, train services between Madrid and Comunidad de Valencia and Murcia will be the ones that offer more seats on these dates. The other two riders with special demand are those that connect Madrid with Catalonia and France, and Madrid with the main destinations in the south (Seville, Malaga and Cádiz). In addition, during these days Renfe will make available to users more than 1.6 million seats on Avant and medium distance trains and will reinforce the connections between Valencia, Tortosa and Barcelona; Seville and Cádiz; Madrid-Jaén; Salamanca-Valladolid-Palencia and the Avant services that connect Madrid with Toledo and with Segovia and Valladolid. On the other hand, the medium-distance trains of Catalonia will reach 45,000 daily spaces and some neighborhood centers will expand hours and reinforce their offer of seats to attend the processions. The exit operation that begins this Friday will register one of the days with the highest number of travelers of the year. Therefore, Renfe will have 320,000 seats that day, with a reinforcement that reaches 14% in AVE and long distance and 6% in medium distance and Avant. At Puerta de Atocha station, the busiest traveler, the company has scheduled for 12 up to 250 trains to cover the preselections of 50,000 passengers, which is an increase of 25% compared to any other Friday of the year. During this Holy Week, the days with the highest increase in seats will be concentrated on Friday 12 and Wednesday 17, coinciding with the two holidays. For the return operation, the operator has scheduled a 20% more offer on Sunday, April 21 and has extended the reinforcement until Monday 22. In each operation, Renfe starts a thousand daily trains.


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