Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Renfe makes the biggest job offer in its history: 825 jobs

Renfe makes the biggest job offer in its history: 825 jobs


Renfe Operadora has launched the largest job offer in its history to cover 825 jobs, of which more than half are machinists and 130 correspond to Catalonia, according to the announcement of its website.

The term of admission of applications for this call begins this Thursday and will continue until next March 17. Renfe The number of dismissals is set at a similar figure, with which the incorporation of new workers will contribute to the rejuvenation of the workforce, whose average age is around 50.4 years.

Of the squares offered, 450 are of entry machinist, 400 of them for traffic service tables of state level, 25 cross border traffic with France and other traffic in the field of Catalonia.

To this we must add the call for the coverage of 150 positions of maintenance and manufacturing income operator for the state level.

From them, 75 are for maintenance railway rolling stock -electricity-electronics or fitter assembler, depending on the needs-; 30 for electrical-electronic works, 15 for fitter-assembler, 7 for machine tools, 7 for boilermaking, sheet metal and welding, and 16 for supplies.

Likewise, Renfe wants to cover 145 commercial operator positions at the state level and 80 in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

Renfe's offer also includes a position of responsable of business development for its Railway Equipment Rental Company, which, as it belongs to the management structure, is excluded from the collective agreement and its employment relationship will be regulated by the individual contract that is established.


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