Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Renfe machinists call off the strike of the 23rd

Renfe machinists call off the strike of the 23rd

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One of the several strikes called by the unions for the Easter holidays that start at noon today will not be held. The union of Semaf machinists reached an agreement with Renfe at dawn yesterday, so the collective has called off the stoppages he had prepared for next day April 23, as reported by the union in a statement this morning.

In the text of the agreement are reflected a series of points where the claims that, according to Semaf, had made to the company in the request for conflict commission are materialized. With this, they add, ensures compliance with the Agreement on Professional Development of Driving, "making clear our will so that the group that performs its work in the merchandise society to end the situation that suffers today," explains Semaf .

Despite this desconvocatoria, Several stoppages remain in force that affect all means of transport. In the air, The pilots of Air Nostrum, the security guards of Ilunion in Barajas and the airport handling staff will strike. In the railroad, CC OO has called to strike the workers of Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad. And in the maritime, the same union has called strikes in Maritime Rescue (Sasemar) and Puertos del Estado.


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