February 28, 2021

Renfe launches tickets to 25 euros from Monday

Renfe will launch on Monday the new Alcazaba Rate for trains on the line between Madrid and Almeria, with tickets at 25 euros per trip. This rate will be sold both on the website www.renfe.com and in the official Renfe Ticket application and will be applied on all four trains, two per sense, that connect Madrid daily with the Almeria capital. The trains included in the offer will be identified with a specific symbol. Starting next week, therefore, customers can complete the full Madrid-Almería or Almeria-Madrid tour for 25 euros each way, compared to the current 46.8 euros for the Flexible Rate.

Renfe launched its 4×100 campaign last June, which allows us to buy four Ave tickets for 100 euros to the main destinations during this summer. During the month of June, it launched different offers with limited shopping time -from 24 to 48 hours-. From the website you can access the different offers to travel in the month of August to the main capitals of Spain, which will also be available for intermediate sections of the lines cited.

The new Alcazaba Rate will coexist with the current commercial offer of this relationship (Round Trip, Gold Card, Promo Rates, Child …). Like the rest of promotional rates, it will have the specific commercial conditions of the Promo Rate that Renfe already offers in all its Long Distance services (without possibility of seat selection, change or cancellation).

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