Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Renfe launches one of its biggest job offers to incorporate 826 workers

Renfe lanza una de sus mayores ofertas de empleo para incorporar a 826 trabajadores

Renfe has launched a job offer to incorporate a total of 826 new workers to its staff, of which more than half, about 450 troops, will be machinists. Is about one of the largest public calls for hiring new personnel in the history of the company public railroad after the one carried out in 2017, when it incorporated 925 employees.

Under this year's offer, in addition to the 450 machinists, Renfe will recruit 225 new commercial operators, of which 80 will be for Catalonia and the remaining 145 for the rest of the country, as stated in the call. It will also recruit 150 manufacturing and maintenance operators, including specialists in electricity and electronics, sheet metal and welding and supplies. As for the machinists, 25 of them will be used for cross-border traffic between Spain and France, and another 25, for rail services in Catalonia.


Annual job offers since 2015, when he hired again after the economic crisis

Renfe adds this job offer to those that it has been carrying out annually since 2015, when it re-hired staff after the crisis years with the selection of 75 workers. In 2016, it launched two offers, one for 522 employees, half machinists, and another for 62 workers and seven managers, while the one corresponding to 2017 is, for the moment, the highest in the company's history, given that it added 925 employees .

In that year, at first he selected 250 machinists and, subsequently, launched a process for 675 personnel, 375 of them also drivers. In 2018, the offer was for 600 workers.


Objective: to reduce the average age of the staff, located at 54 years

All these selection processes are part of the employment plan that Renfe agreed with its unions in the framework of the last collective agreement. The program is linked to plans for voluntary redundancies by offering to leave the company to older workers and seniority.

The ultimate goal of Renfe with these plans is to reduce the average age of 54 years that presents its staff, currently about 14,580 workers, in addition to improving their productivity, competitiveness and professional qualification by incorporating new profiles suitable for new services.

Renfe launches the new job offer after recently approving its new strategic plan, focused on digitalization and internationalization, as well as preparing the company for the liberalization of passenger transport by train, scheduled for December 2020, and the consequent entry of competing private operators.

Those interested in the new job offer of Renfe that meet the requirements requested by the railway company have until March 17 to submit their request to the operator to participate in the selection process.

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