Renfe launches 18 euro tickets to inaugurate the new fast train line between Madrid and Extremadura

SERVIMEDIAMADRID Updated: 06/24/2022 09:00h
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Renfe launches this Friday a promotional ticket campaign to inaugurate
the new High Performance Line between Madrid and Extremadura
with tickets from 18 euros each way. As reported by Renfe, 20,000 standard tickets and 10,000 comfort tickets will go on sale, at a price of 18 and 22 euros each way, respectively.

This promotion is valid for travel on Renfe's Long Distance trains on the Madrid-Extremadura High Performance Line, between July 19 (the date on which the new High Speed ​​section between Plasencia and Badajoz will come into service), and on December 10 of this year.

This high-speed section will reduce travel times between Madrid and Badajoz by up to 51 minutes in this first phase of the works.

With the next phases of the works carried out by Adif on this high-speed line, travel time will continue to improve.

Renfe will put into service two daily Long Distance trains in each direction between Madrid and Badajoz, an Alvia S-730 and an Intercity.

These Long Distance trains are added to the daily offer of Media Distancia, Regional and Regional Exprés (Public Service trains), which will maintain the current prices for both single and return tickets, as well as the 10 voucher and the monthly subscription .

In this way, the number of weekly circulations will increase by 17%, going from the current 145 (131 public service and 14 commercial services) to 170 as of July 19 (144 public service and 26 commercial services). .

The Alvia S-730 trains that will come into service on the Extremadura High Performance Line from July 19 have been remodeled by Renfe in the Talgo workshops in Las Matas (Madrid), to improve the interior design and comfort of the passengers. trains.

The 730 series Alvias are hybrid trains, with both diesel and electric traction technology. This train model also has a sliding rolling system, a feature that allows it to run both on standard gauge tracks (High-Speed ​​Line) and on conventional gauge tracks.

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