Renfe freezes the Cercanías ticket, but the Regionals increase by 3.5% and the Avant by 7%

Renfe freezes the Cercanías ticket, but the Regionals increase by 3.5% and the Avant by 7%


Renfe will keep the price of the Cercanías ticket frozen in 2019 for the fourth consecutive year, but 3.5% will increase the average distance trainsand 7% of the Avant, the regional ones that circulate through the AVE routes, according to the operator.

In the case of these two types of train, their rates rise after having also been frozen in the last three years, between 2016 and 2018. The last increase of all these services was the 1.85% applied in 2015.

However, despite the increase in single and round-trip tickets for Media Distancia and Avant, Renfe will keep the 'multi-trip bonus' frozen that it commercializes for this type of trains with the purpose of «favoring the recurrent travelers».

As for the AVE and Long Distance trains, the price of the ticket will not rise with the change of the year, as indicated by Renfe sources, although the operator could vary it later throughout the year, as has happened on other occasions.

Renfe explained that the new tariffs for the Cercanías, Media Distancia and Avant do not affect the Rodalies and the regional ones of Catalonia, where the prices of the tickets are determined by the Generalitat because the service is transferred.

Cercanías, Media Distancia and Avant are the trains that are considered as a public service, that is, those that Renfe provides on behalf of the State and for which receives an annual grant of about 900 million euros. Therefore, its price revision has the 'approval' of the Government.

It is also the trains with the largest number of passengers. Cercanías transported 423.6 million passengers during 2017, when another 23.6 million users took Medium Distance trains and 7.65 million Avant.

In 2018, the number of commuter trains increased by 4.8% in the first ten months, to 364 passengers, while those of Media Distancia increased 2.4% (20.2 million passengers) and Avant, 6.5% (6.69 million users).

In the case of these last trains, in 2019 Renfe will start offering a new voucher of ten trips to spend in 45 days, which, according to your data, saves 35% on the usual ticket.

In addition, these bonds may also be purchased to travel between Madrid and Cuenca, and between Madrid and Salamanca, since these lines have become public service.

Renfe updates the price of public service tickets just weeks after the government guaranteed that it will continue to lend them a monopoly for at least ten more years despite the opening to competition of passenger rail transport scheduled for 2020.

The AVE does not vary in price

On its side, the AVE and Long Distance trains, with which Renfe should start compete with other operators from that date, they are considered commercial services and do not have any public subsidy, so the company has the freedom to determine the price of tickets.

After the generalized drop of 11% that was applied to all AVE tickets at the beginning of 2013, due to the loss of passengers that these trains registered the previous year, in the middle of a crisis, the High Speed ​​ticket has only gone up once, in mid-February 2017, when an average of 1% was raised.

This service has thus been reaping successive annual passenger records. In 2017, the AVE closed 2017 with 21.10 million passengers, 3.6% more, to which are added 11.79 million of the Long Distance.

By 2018, High Speed ​​leads to the achievement of a new historical maximum of travelers, given that it will foreseeably close above the level of 22 million users.


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