Renfe faces a new day of strike of the machinists




Renfe today faces a new day of strike called by the Semaf machinists’ union, although in this case with partial stoppages between 05:00 and 09:00, 14:00 and 16:00 and between 18:00 and 20:00. This will be the third of the eight days of the strike summoned by the machinists. In the first two, last Thursday and Friday the minimum services were not met, mainly in the Cercanías centers of Catalonia and Valencia. The strikes will continue on Tuesday 5, in addition to October 6, 7, 11 and 12, coinciding with the Pilar bridge.

Renfe has canceled a total of 1,698 AVE and Long and Medium Distance trains in these eight days of strike called by the Semaf machinists’ union, according to Servimedia. In the AVE and Long Distance services the minimum services are 72%. Consequently, Renfe has canceled 516 of the 1,893 trains scheduled for those eight days.

In Medium Distance trains an average of 65% of the usual services have been established. Thus, out of 3,392 trains scheduled for those days, 1,182 circulations will be canceled. On the other hand, in Freight trains the minimum services are 24%. This assumes the cancellation of another 1,619 trains, of the total of 2,057 trains scheduled those four days.

On the other hand, in Cercanías trains the minimum services are set according to the different nuclei, lines and time slots, varying the percentage between a maximum of 75% in rush hour and 50% of the usual service in the rest of the day. These minimum services in Cercanías trains are ultimately lower than those initially set by the Ministry, which reached 100% and they were rectified by the National audience, which accepted a very precautionary measure requested by Semaf.

For passengers on commercial trains whose train is affected by the strike, Renfe will offer them, whenever possible, to travel on another train at the closest time to the one purchased. In the event that they do not want to make the trip, they can cancel or change their ticket for another date without any cost. Cancellation or change operations can be carried out in all Renfe sales channels.

The Railway Union (SF) has also called for partial stoppages, the same days as the Semaf. These stoppages will be partial, between 07:00 and 09:00 and between 18:00 and 20:00. With this call, Semaf intends to defend the railway, its employees and the service it provides to citizens. Among the reasons cited by the union, the failure to comply with agreements reached in 2007 to guarantee integrity in the provision of services by the Renfe Group Faced with the transfer process in Catalonia and the failure to reestablish all non-covered employment and all circulations suppressed.

It also denounces the breach of the 2nd Collective Agreement of the Renfe Group, and no will to solve it, in relation to new incorporations and processes of mobility and integration of staff. Delaying them, misinforming and intentionally hindering the normal development of processes, in order to reduce the workforce.

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