August 5, 2021

Renfe defends that it is capable of leaving, competing and winning as in the AVE to Texas

Renfe defends that it is capable of leaving, competing and winning as in the AVE to Texas

The president of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, has assured today that the contract achieved by the company for the future AVE between Houston and Dallas (USA) represents a great opportunity and a pride and demonstrates that if other operators come to compete against the company this is able to "go out, compete and win".

Speaking to EFE, the president of Renfe explained that the company has won the tender to be the advisors in the first phase and, finally, the scrutineers of the construction and operation of the railroad between Houston and Dallas.

"It is a great opportunity for Renfe, we are very pleased to have won this contest, we have competed with very powerful companies from all over the world and in the end the promoter, the Texas Rail company, has chosen us as partners for this first phase ", he congratulated himself.

In this sense, he added that it is a "pride" for Renfe and a "satisfaction" to see how public companies can compete and win competitions and it is also a demonstration that high speed – which in this case is financed entirely with private funds -, it can be a good investment and can have returns.

In addition, it has detailed that Renfe will be in charge at first of the advice in the planning of the construction and, finally, when the system is totally developed, of the operation of one of the corridors with more traffic in the United States.

"It's going to be a very intense exploitation," stressed Táboas, who has indicated that there are practically going to be non-stop trips – just one between Houston and Dallas – in a very short time, which is being established at this time in 1h and 30 minutes between both cities, which makes this project practically an AVE high-speed train.

Therefore, he pointed out that this new railway project will be a competition for the plane and to remove traffic to the road.

"We can compete with others, if others come to compete against us, we can go out, compete and win", said the president of Renfe in reference to the liberalization of passenger service in 2020.

This contract is in addition to other contracts in which Renfe is present internationally. This is the case of the AVE between Medina and Mecca, which will start its commercial service tomorrow, Thursday, after the project was officially inaugurated by King Salman bin Abdelaziz on September 25.

The president of Renfe has recognized that it is a "very complicated" project but the problems are being overcome as they happen and he hopes that in the future it will be a "success".

"Expectations are that projects will move forward and we will move forward and evolve and improve day by day in everything that needs to be done," he pointed out in this regard.


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