Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Renfe creates a company to centralize its activity in the United States

Renfe creates a company to centralize its activity in the United States

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The Council of Ministers has authorized Renfe to create the Renfe of America company, destined to centralize the activity of the company in the United States.

The constitution of this company is part of the Operator's Strategic Plan for 2019-2023, which includes in its main axes the internationalization of the company with the aim of increasing its business volume outside of Spain, both in high-speed services and in urban and metropolitan.

After being awarded last October with Adif the development of a high-speed project to unite the cities of Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth, the company notes that there are other opportunities and rail projects in the country.

The authorization of the Government for the creation of the Renfe of America society, indicates Renfe, seeks to respond to the need to centralize and develop the company's activity in one of the "most relevant international markets in the world".

Renfe was selected in 2018 as the operating partner of the Central Texas project, which plans to unite Houston and Dallas to become the responsible provider to advise and direct the design, planning and construction of the project, which can be extended after the construction phase to the operation and maintenance of the project. the long-term line.

The bird that will connect Houston-Dallas / Fort Worth will connect the cities in less than 90 minutes in a corridor that has two of the first five economic regions of the United States.

It is the first project in the world 100% private, owned by the American company Central Texas, which highlights the viability of the high-speed business and that has a total budget of over 10 billion dollars.


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