March 9, 2021

Renfe accelerator selects its first four 'startups' on digitalization, digital mobility and logistics on demand | Innovation

Renfe accelerator selects its first four 'startups' on digitalization, digital mobility and logistics on demand | Innovation

TrenLab, the Renfe accelerator developed by Wayra, has selected its first four startups. Limmat Group, IoMob, Zeleros and Nixi1 are incorporated into the Renfe acceleration program after a call that has counted with more than 240 registered companies. The jury evaluated how the four startups solve the business challenges of the Renfe group, its growth potential, scalability and the differentiating value they bring to the market by incorporating new approaches, business models, products and / or services. The finalists defended their project before a jury of experts formed by executives of Renfe and Telefónica.

Those chosen for the acceleration in the first edition of TrenLab are:

  • Limmat Group responds to the digitalization challenge of Renfe operations. This startup is dedicated to the development of intelligent solutions for the improvement of the efficiency in the maintenance and operation of large infrastructures. It uses Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.
  • loMob, responds to Renfe's digital mobility challenge. IoMob provides the infrastructure for the Internet of mobility. Use blockchain to allow public transport systems and mobility providers-ridesharing, Bikesharing, e-scooter, taxi companies and any mobility provider to collaborate and compete efficiently. Its objective is to offer end users a solution of transport end-to-end much improved, providing a unified intermodal experience and hiding the underlying complexity of the blockchain economy and transparent tokenization.
  • Zeleros, responds to the demand logistics challenge of Renfe. Zeleros develops a hyperloop transport method to connect cities and logistics hubs at speeds of up to 1000km / h with reduced energy costs. The founders won the 2015 Best Design award in the competition organized by SpaceX (Elon Musk) in the United States. Zeleros is the only Spanish company, one of the 3 European companies and of the 6 worldwide, developing a hyperloop system. Its differential is the optimization of vehicle technologies, reducing the cost of maintenance, operation and infrastructure construction (around 30%), resulting in a more scalable and competitive system for long distances. Behind this project are three engineers, David Pistoni, Cofounder & CEO; Juan Vicén Balaguer, Cofounder & CMO and Daniel Orient, Cofounder & CTO.
  • Nixi1, also within the scope of digital mobility, has a chatbots system that allows booking tourist services through apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Each startup will receive a personalized acceleration plan, with a monetary prize of up to 50,000 euros, administrative and legal advice, complementary training and access to a networking network to mature the projects. The winners will also contribute to incorporate methodology, knowledge and entrepreneurial culture to the Renfe Group, as well as to identify and promote innovation and internal talent.

All the projects presented to this first call correspond to innovative and disruptive initiatives, which seek to respond to the three major challenges launched from TrenLab to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Specifically, 43% of the startups presented answered the challenge of Digital Mobility, which seeks to reinvent the travel experience of Renfe's customers; 37% to Digitalization of Operations with ideas to adapt the logistics supply of the company flexibly to the demand for freight and 19% to the specific Logistics on Demand to take full advantage of the possibilities of digital technologies and power manage operations in real time.


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