December 1, 2020

Renewal for COVID reinforcement teachers until Easter 2021

The Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports, Through the General Directorate of Personnel, it will renew until Easter the appointments of the COVID reinforcement teaching staff hired last September, in order to meet the needs of public and concerted centers within the framework of health prevention regulations.

Despite the fact that the hiring of COVID teachers was established with a cessation date of December 22, the executive already reported then that the duration of the appointment of the additional teaching staff would be quarterly and its extension would be at the expense of the evolution and state of the pandemic and the needs of each of the centers.

In view of the current health situation in the Canary Islands, the education department has chosen to keep the teaching staff for reinforcement until Easter 2021, the date on which the state of the pandemic will be reassessed and decided based on its evolution .

The renewal of appointments affects 2,272 teachers of Canarian public centers and 296 of subsidized centers. The COVID reinforcement staff, made up of a total of 2,568 teachers, has meant an investment of 34.5 million euros for the Ministry of Education in the first quarter of this school year.

The contracts respond to compliance with the measures established by both the Canary Islands Health Council and the Ministry of Health, to combat the coronavirus. Previously, the General Directorate of Personnel had already published Resolution 2639/2020 by which it agreed, on an extraordinary basis, the expansion of the teaching staff of public centers with the incorporation for the 2020/21 academic year of support professionals.

The efforts and actions to control the pandemic in the different Canarian educational centers have not been limited to the appointment of this reinforcement teaching staff; Thus, the Ministry of Education has established a protocol of action with prevention and safety measures for educational centers, has provided them with extraordinary items for the purchase of prevention materials, and reinforced in them the cleaning and disinfection tasks, among other measures. Likewise, a rigorous control of the situation is carried out in each of the centers with the aim of responding to the needs of students and teachers vulnerable to the virus.

To date, the General Directorate of Personnel has scheduled thirteen meetings by videoconference with COVID management teams and managers to gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of the pandemic on the educational community. The purpose of these meetings has been to resolve doubts and contribute to maintaining respect for the rules, which has made the centers an example of rigor and good practices in the application of measures against the virus.


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