Renault suspects that Ghosn could commit irregularities in the Middle East

The Renault group has communicated to the French justice system new suspicions of irregularities of its former president, Carlos Ghosn, for millionaire transfers to one of its distributors in the Middle East, weeks after having transmitted a dossier on expenses of his wedding.

The French automaker did not want to comment on Tuesday to the information leaked by "Le Figaro" about sending this new information to the Nanterre Prosecutor's Office on the outskirts of Paris on Friday.

These are transfers of several million euros to Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA), an Oman company that distributes vehicles for Renault and Nissan in that country and in others in the Middle East.

That money - according to "Le Figaro" - appeared as bonuses for results, but it did not appear imputed, as one might have expected, to the marketing, commercial or regional directorates, but directly to the cost center of the Renault presidency that depended of the manager.

That mechanism seems similar to the one Nissan had discovered that, according to the Japanese press, some 32 million dollars had been transferred to SBA.

The Japanese media had speculated on the possibility that with those amounts a yacht was purchased from which the old "number one" of Renault and Nissan and his family benefited.


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