March 5, 2021

Renault plans to start Valladolid and Seville Engines in turn on day 15

The president of Renault Spain, José Vicente de los Mozos, plans that on the 15th of May the factories of Valladolid and Seville will start their activity again in one shift, and that production will start from 20 to 24, especially Captur, although warns that activity and health must be made compatible.

“We cannot risk contagion appearing in our factories once we work,” said De Los Mozos in an interview published this Sunday by El Norte de Castilla.

“The idea that we have is that next week Motores and Sevilla will start in one shift, if possible on the 15th. On Monday we will begin to approach with the committees the adaptation of all predispositions to this context. On the workload we must Go little by little because we are facing an unknown panorama. The important thing is not production, but how in this new context the health of our workers is always preserved, “he reflected.

The return to the activity of Renault will be “in phases” and tomorrow they have already called “the works council to start working both in the engine factory (Valladolid) and in the one in Seville, since its production is closely linked to export and not everyone is unemployed. “

“We have clients on four continents and we have to think about them. We have adapted the health protocols that we already had to the case of covid-19, something that has already been communicated to the group’s world committee and has been well received,” he added.

The president of Renault Spain has recalled that its plants in Korea and China “have already returned to work and what has been put in place there can serve the rest of the group. Adapted to the law of each country, of course.”

As for how he sees the end of the pandemic, in his opinion as long as there is no vaccine, “the outlook in the coming months will be quite uncertain.”


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