July 24, 2021

Renault offers up to 10,000 euros for changing an old diesel

Renault offers up to 10,000 euros for changing an old diesel

Rosalía SánchezRosalía Sánchez


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The marathon meeting that the grand coalition has held until the wee hours of the morning has barely ended, Renault reacts by offering from 2,000 to 10,000 euros by car, depending on the model, in a "renove plan" that will serve to renew the old fleet of diesel vehicles for environmentally more effective ones. The offer will be valid from today and will serve the vehicles manufactured under the regulations Euro 1 to Euro 5. The change of a Twingo of these regulations will be rewarded with 2,000 euros, for example, a Minivan Space with 10,000 euros. Who renounces one of the old diesel vehicles to buy an electric car like the Zoe, can combine this premium with state aid amounting to 8,000 euros.

Renault, as an import brand in Germany, has not taken part in the official negotiations that Chancellor Merkel has held with German manufacturers to renew the fleet of more polluting diesel vehicles, but this announcement clearly puts pressure on German brands. Given the requirement of the government of Berlin to the German automobile sector, to participate in the solution of a crisis that its engineers have created, the sector had suggested that foreign brands also participate, so as not to be inferior to competitive conditions, and the response of Renault has been to join Volkswagen, BMW Y Mercedes, which had previously already shown signs of commitment in the project.

The coalition that governs Germany has agreed this morning a "clean air concept" with which it hopes to prevent drivers of diesel vehicles from being prevented from traveling through the center of cities throughout the country, which are already prohibiting their circulation. Is about «A concept in favor of clean air and safe individual mobility» in the German cities whose details will be announced at a press conference throughout the day and with the concrete responses of the manufacturers.

The coalition government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel has been negotiating with the giants of the automotive industry a package of measures to reduce levels of air pollution in cities, at a time when some cities, such as Hamburg, have already banned the circulation of old diesel vehicles. Within the coalition government there were different sensitivities and some voices were opposed to acting with a strong hand against a powerful industry that generates a lot of wealth and employment in Germany, specifically 800,000 jobs direct

The industry is reluctant to pay alone the amount of technical adjustments, while the Environment Minister, Svenja Schulze, as well as consumer associations, agree that it is the automakers who caused the problem and, as such, should run With the expenses. «Anyone who wants to avoid the prohibition of the circulation of diesel vehicles can not be limited to buses only or to public means of transport. If technical adaptations of cars are not carried out, the problem will not be solved », underlined Schulze.


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